Safety is Our Top Priority

During Balloon Inflation:

We invite you to get involved - Let the crew know that you’d like to help and follow their instructions for an unforgettable experience.

1. NEVER wrap any lines around any part of your body or allow your feet to leave the ground while holding onto a balloon.

2. Please remain SITUATIONALLY AWARE of vehicles, trailers, and equipment during the loading and unloading for your flight.  Please also note that there may be other balloons launching from the same site. 

3. KEEP CLEAR of fans used for inflation of the balloon and Tie Off Lines (please feel free to ask us any questions about this equipment). The balloon will be fully inflated with cold air first (from fans) and then raised to the vertical position (from the hot air from burners). Do not stand close to the fans as they can suck in loose clothing, hair, and camera straps. Keep clear of Tie Off lines as they could be under extreme tension. If the balloon experiences a gust of wind, it could roll and pull the trailer around and trip you with the line.

4. NO SMOKING.  Balloons are fueled with very flammable liquid propane.  Smoking is not permitted on the launch field, landing field, in the balloon, or in any chase vehicle.

5. All young children must be accompanied by and adult.  Passengers are responsible for ensuring the safe behavior and appropriate behavior of their flight guests.

Important Information