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Art Moller

Art V. Moller

Art V. Moller

Owner & Pilot

Texas-born Pilot, Art Moller saw a hot air balloon for the first time at the age of 16 while digging a garden, and thought, “THAT would be a lot better job than this.” His fascination and intrigue with the freedom of flying and the beauty of the craft itself became the launch point towards becoming a Pilot, flying his very own balloons, and sharing his love for everything about it.

Fast forward five years finds young Art in Albuquerque, New Mexico walking across Balloon Fiesta Field in 1997 – when he was asked by a pilot if he could give them a hand. After a week of working with the Pilot and crew, Art fell in love with the sport and accepted position as Crew Chief for a local ride company.

Today, Art continues share his love and talents for flying while providing a top-tier experience mixed with jokes and a great atmosphere to make memories in.

Art has had the pleasure of piloting flights throughout the U.S.,  Canada, Mexico, and Eastern Europe.